An AmaTech History Lesson

     A fun filled journey into the past...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..... (actually 8 years ago in Guilford, CT)

Three life-long friends, Andrew, Dave and Matt came together and decided to form an I.T. Company that was different than the many others out there. Each person brought something different to the table and it was using each other's strength's that separated us from the rest of the bunch.

Andrew's background consisted of software development. Graduating from Southern Connecticut State University at the top of his class, Andrew knew he wanted to put his degree to good use and develop new and amazing programs to help make people's lives easier.

Dave's background consisted of computer repair and assorted I.T. work. Dave loved to solve the many problems that arose from troublesome computers. He had spent most of his life fixing computers and configuring networks and he knew that having his own business would allow him to do things his way: the right way.

Matt's background was art. Matt knew he wanted to design beautiful and inviting websites and graphics. Matt's artistic side was always a perfect contrast to Andrew's and Dave's analytic sides and helped to create a very well rounded team.

As time passed, AmaTech began developing many long-lasting relationships with clients (many that are still going today!). Every relationship AmaTech formed had a foundation based on mutual respect and professionalism. Each client got to know the AmaTech team and AmaTech got to learn about that client's computer and technological needs in terms of both business and personal aspects.

In 2009, AmaTech went through some changes. Matt got the chance to follow another dream: to be a teacher. Because of the this, Matt had to step down as an owner in pursuit of his education. We were sad to see Matt go, but at the same time were very happy for Matt and wished him well. (As a side note, Matt still works very closely with the AmaTech team and is involved in many of our projects).

In 2010, Andrew and Dave knew the company operated best as a trio and found our new third member: Chris. Chris has a similar background to Andrew but with a much greater focus on hardware. Keeping up with the latest developments, Chris always knows what the best hardware components are and as such is a vital asset when helping clients figure out what they need to purchase for a computer or network.

Fast-forward to 2015: AmaTech continues to build amazing relationships with new clients and further solidifying relationships with existing ones. AmaTech's main goal will always be to provide Amazing Technological Solutions (that's where the name came from) and provide our clients with:

The Aspirin for their Computer and I.T. Headaches

Word Definition

Ama·Tech So·lu·tions

[ ama-tek suh-loo-shuns]


1. Supplying the world with Amazing Technological Solutions to make lives simpler and easier.